‘ObC’ is a combined term of ‘Ob(ject)’ and ‘C(raft).’ Object, in definition, is an object that deviates from its daily sense and acquires another meaning. Craft, which means handicraft, adds ornamental value to a practical object. <ObC> series combines these two characteristics to complete an ornamental object by itself, surpassing the restricted functional design. Products are comprised of teapot, espresso cup set, café latte cup, and an object for putting flowers. Various spheres are attached on the handle as a breakaway from general handle form, expressing vividness. Soft touch from the curves and cute visual image which stimulate imagination presents a user an enjoyable experience. On the surface, patterns used by marbling technique are engraved to add fantastic and imaginative atmosphere from coincidence. In addition, contrasting colors express distinctiveness of Heritage porcelain.